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  • Gas Processing

Gas processing is a complex task requiring various equipment. Through R&H’s connections, we are able to provide a solution that fits the application for the flow conditions and end result needed by the end-users.  

We can put you in touch with the expertise of Taylor Forge Engineered Systemstechnology for your gas processing requirements. Utilizing our in-house engineering for process design, mechanical design and manufacturing, we can not only meet your requirements but provide the most economical solution. Our gas processing equipment will be produced to the same high-quality standards our customers have come to know and expect.

Taylor Forge has with its capabilities has entered a joint venture with Silica to provide gas purification utilizing adsorption systems.

Our Gas processing solution capabilities include:

  • Drying and purification of air, technical and bio gases
  • Process gas purification
  • Drying of liquids
  • Waste air purification with solvent recovery
  • Natural gas conditioning
  • Dehydration- TEGs, MEGs
  • Sweeting
  • VRUs
  • Mole Sieve
  • Indirect Fired Heaters

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