Indirect Fired Heaters Solutions

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Indirect fired heaters are use in various applications to prevent hydrate formation in the gas flow or fouling concerns in a heated separator.  Using indirect water bath heaters – forced draft and natural draft- Taylor Forge Engineered Systems can engineer the most economical solution for your project.  Using our expertise and past experiences will offer a package with the same high standards and quality that our customers know us for.  

The typical applications we can provide a solution for are:

  • Heating the natural gas stream
  • Well head streams- preventing hydrates from forming
  • Heating streams prior to separation
  • Maintaining viscosities in flows- to reduce horse power pumping needs
  • Maintaining fuel gas conditions

At R&H, we can assist you in sourcing the right solution with the expertise of Taylor Forge for your Indirect Fired Heater needs. Contact us today to see how we can assist.

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