Fired Boiler Systems

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Fired Boilers are used to transfer maximum amounts of heat from various fuel sources for refineries and other plants. The efficiency of these units is very important to yield maximum results utilizing fuel sources cost-effectively. Pensotti leading Italian–Boiler division of Sices has been supplying their expertise designing and fabricating for over 130 years.  

They can design and manufacture Fired Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Bio Mass Boilers, and Waste to Energy Boilers.  Pensotti has supplied more than 200 units to over 25 countries in the last 25 years.  We design our boilers to utilize single fuel sources and can also use multiple fuel sources to maximize what the plant has available to use.  Also taking into account the environment, we provide Low Nox, Sox and Co systems as well.

Fired Boilers- up to -140 Bar pressure (2030 psi), 500 Degrees C (932 degrees F), 250 t/h Steam production, 200MWt Thermal Power Generation

Heat Recovery Steam Generators- up to - 100 bar pressure (1450 psi), 500 Degrees C (932 Degrees F), 200 t/H Steam production

Waste to Energy Boilers- up to - 115 bar pressure (1667 psi), 530 Degrees C (986 degrees F), 120 t/h Steam production, 100MWt Thermal Power, 30 MWe Electrical power generation

Bio Mass Boilers- up to - 140 bar pressure (2030 psi), 550 degrees C (1022 Degrees F), 120 t/h Steam production, 100 MWt Thermal power, 30 MWe Electrical power generation

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