Extruded Outlet Header & Manifold Solutions

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Custom engineered and manufactured headers and manifolds offer design flexibility for outlets, flow tees, and manifold assemblies, maximizing cost saving and minimizing space requirements. Extruded components provide improved performance and durability due to increased strength, reduced fatigue cracking, and the reduction of welded seams. Extruded headers and manifolds are easier to install and maintain.

We work with Taylor Forge Engineered Systems to source extruded headers, manifolds, and components for custom systems including:

  • Single and multiple outlet headers
  • Flow tees
  • Meter head assemblies
  • After-cooler manifold assemblies
  • Pipeline and station piping assemblies
  • Outlets for scraper traps and pig launchers/receivers
  • Pulsation bottles, extruded per DOT/B31.8 or ASME stamped

At R&H, we can cut through the clutter and assist you in sourcing your equipment efficiently and cost-effectively. Call today to see how we can assist you with your sourcing decisions.

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