Process Heaters

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Many heavy industries rely upon some form of heat energy to perform a function or manufacture a product. In many cases, this thermal regulation is provided by process heaters. 

A process heater is a piece of equipment used to maintain heat within a liquid medium like water, oil, and chemicals. It can also stabilize gases. Manufactured in various sizes and configurations to suit application requirements, a process heater’s primary component is the heating element. The feedstock, or process fluid, directly contacts the heater to receive a precise amount of heat, which avoids overheating the fluid or structural components. 

R&H Technical Sales provides advanced process heating solutions for heavy-duty and industrial applications. We work with the world’s foremost manufacturers of process heaters and heat transfer equipment. Some of our partners include: 

Sigma Thermal: This ISO 9001:2015-certified fabricator designs and manufactures process heating systems for demanding industrial processes. This Georgia-based company’s products include Process Heater Systems, Thermal Fluid Systems, Biomass Energy Systems, Electric Process Heaters, Process Bath Heaters, Direct-Fired Heaters, WHR Units, High-Pressure Steam Generators. This equipment is perfect for various industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, general manufacturing, food and beverage, waste recovery, and power generation.

Take your application to new performance levels with process heating solutions from R&H Technical Sales. By partnering with the leading manufacturers of materials processing equipment, we can find the best solution to your situation. 

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