Engineered Expansion Joint Solutions

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There are many forces in piping and ducting systems in refineries, chemical plants, and pipeline applications.  These stressors like vibration, thermal expansion & contraction, misalignments and others must be accounted for with the use of expansion joints. Determining the right type of expansion joint for the forces it will face is key to safer work environments.  Utilizing the expertise of  SGL Carbon, and Macoga - we can help you design the right fit for your application.

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Macoga's capabilities range from 15mm - 8,000mm

SGL's PTFE Lined Expansion Joints capabilities range from DN 25 to DN 2500, larger diameters available on request.

Expansion joint

We design our joints to fit the application using our knowledge and expertise in:

  • FCCU Expansion Joints
  • Metal Expansion Joints
  • Rubber Expansion Joints
  • Steam Turbine Expansion Joints
  • PTFE Lined Expansion Joints

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