Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Solutions

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Shell and tube heat exchangers are used in the refineries, chemical processing plants, gas plants and nuclear power plants.

This class of heat exchangers is designed to provide the maximum amount of surface area for heat exchange to occur. Because of the shell design, they are well suited for high-pressure applications. Fluid is passed through the tubes and another fluid is passed over the tubes to transfer the heat from one fluid to the other. Inlet and outlet configurations can be designed as specified for the customer's requirements.

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We work with the following world-class manufacturers of shell and tube heat exchangers:

  • VRV Group - HP Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers,  and Texas Towers. Our specialty equipment uses licenses from UOP and Axens. 
  • IMB - LUMMUS ADVANCED BREECH-LOCK EXCHANGER® Heat Exchanger, HELIXCHANGER® Heat Exchangers, SPINTUBE™, Hairpin Type Multi-Tube/Double-Pipe Heat Exchangers to offer completely customized solutions to the Customer in terms of heat transfer and optimized design.
  • SGL Carbon - Graphite Heat exchangers- DIABON*, Silicon Carbide Heat Exchangers- SICABON* - Highly corrosive process applications.
  • Thaletec - THALETEC is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of glass-lined heat exchangers and accessories for a variety of industrial processes. The German company combines innovative glass compounds with steel as to improve heat transfer without expanding the surface area, which works to accelerate process flow times and speed up heating and cooling. R&H Technical Sales utilizes an exclusive partnership to supply our clients with the following THALETEC products: mixing systems, integrated heat exchangers, powerbaffle, jacketed reactors, half-coil jacketed reactors and tanks and vessels.


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