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Strainers are used to protect pipelines and process equipment. Strainers are generally a forgotten item by many however they are very important as they protect expensive pumps and other process equipment down the line.

At R&H, we can cut through the clutter and assist you in sourcing your equipment efficiently and cost-effectively. Call today to see how we can assist you with your sourcing decisions.

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We work with Weamco to ensure you get the right strainer for the application. Sizing the strainer is vital to safe operation as strainers are not filters and will plug up with debris. Thus designing the right mesh for your strainer is key to protecting the equipment down stream. Weamco’s product line includes strainers in different configurations for a variety of piping configurations, flow volumes, and operating pressures. Weamco is a premier manufacturer of flow strainers for the fluid handling and oil & gas industries.

Some of the strainers available are:

  • Horizontal pipe run strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Vertical pipe run strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Tee strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Flanged or welded inlet and outlet strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Cone type strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Basket type strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Y strainers capabilities 4" and larger
  • Cast Y Strainers1/4" and larger and Cast Basket Strainers
  • Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Steels

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