Replacing tube bundles in your shell & tube exchangers?  You can dramatically improve thermal performance while reducing pressure drop by installing SPINTUBE Replacement Bundles by IMB, a Chart Industries company.  SPINTUBE replacement bundles can be retrofitted to any TEMA type S&T heat exchanger and are particularly beneficial in plant upgrades and debottlenecking.  They are compatible with any crossflow or longitudinal bundle configuration.  The SPINTUBE Bundle design provides the added benefit of eliminating flow induced vibrations.  Inspection and cleaning of the SPINTUBE Bundle are accomplished with the same methods and techniques used for conventional exchangers.



The design of the SPINTUBE results in a tangential velocity component which increases turbulence in the tube-side flow compared to the conventional round tube with a uniform cross-section.  This increased turbulence makes the SPINTUBE more effective in terms of heat transfer performance.  In addition, in a SPINTUBE Bundle, the tubes are in direct contact with each other resulting in more tubes in the same diameter shell.  The increased heat transfer coefficient and increased tube surface area may improve performance by 20 to 40% compared to a traditional tube bundle in same diameter shell.



  • Tube diameter from 3/8” to 1-1/4”
  • No limitations on tube thickness or material
  • Tube spin adjusted for specific application


SPINTUBE™ Bundle Benefits

Tubes in direct contact with each other result in:

  • Tighter tube pitch (more tube in same diameter shell)
  • Increased heat transfer surface area
  • Self-supporting tubes (elimination of baffles)
  • Elimination of flow induced vibrations
  • Cleaning with conventional water-jet methods


Your SPINTUBE™ Replacement Bundle Source

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