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VRV - A Chart Industries Company

VRV A Chart Industries Company is a global leader in engineering and fabrication of pressure containing equipment for the Chemical, Petrochemical, Power and Cryogenic industries.  They were established in 1956 and organized into 2 divisions: The Energy & Petrochemical Division and the Cryogenic Division.

VRV A Chart Industries Company, with in-house engineering, design and fabrication capabilities, has experience providing specialty equipment using licensors including UOP and Axens.  Our equipment has been used for the following processes: FCC, CCR, Alkylation, Styrene, TA/PTA, PE/HDPE/LDPE/PP, PVC, PET, Melamine, Paraxylene, Nylon, Ammonia, Urea, Methanol, Polysilicon processes, flash processes and Cryogenics.

VRV A Chart Industries Company and R&H have partnered to bring you these engineered high pressure components for those processes.

  • HP Heat Exchangers
  • HP Separators
  • HP Vessels
  • Columns & Towers

Our production range capacities are:

  • Weight to 500 tons
  • Length to 200 ft
  • Diameter to 21 ft
  • Thickness to 10 inches

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