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SGL Carbon

SGL Carbon is a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom carbon equipment for the chemicals and process technology sectors. The company aims to engineer advanced and sustainable solutions based on high-tech materials for challenging applications.

Combining carbon, graphite, expanded natural graphite, carbon fibers and carbon fiber composites with advanced equipment and value-added engineering, SGL Carbon specializes in custom-fabricated systems tailored to the application. Products the company manufactures exhibit excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, heat and corrosion resistance, low friction, and reduced weight while maintaining high strength.

SGL Carbon manufactures a variety of high-performance products, and R&H Technical Sales is happy to source them for your process. Examples include:

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Block heat exchangers
  • Plate and frame heat exchangers
  • PTFE Expansion bellows
  • PTFE Lined columns, reactors, and vessels

Focused on developing smart solutions, SGL Carbon utilizes high-quality materials that are ideal for operation in extreme temperatures and highly corrosive environments. Examples include:

  • Graphite
  • Carbon
  • Carbon fiber-reinforced carbon (C/C)
  • Silicon Carbide-Coated Graphite Materials – SICABON

* For highly corrosive applications 

Strengthen your chemical or process technology application with SGL Carbon equipment sourced by R&H Technical Sales. We are customer-focused, courteous and dedicated to sourcing your equipment efficiently and cost-effectively.


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